hello im kinda embarrassing and by 'kinda' i mean a lot

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autumn pumpkin carving party, complete with hot cocoa, scarves, and over-sized sweaters

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he talks a lot of smack for a wolf who defaults to pink stripes

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If you're going to say it's racist that a japanese made game didn't offer any other skin color choices I'm gonna need you to rethink what your definition of people of color is.



the game’s setting is not in japan, we have the ability to have blue eyes, and I can assure you that nintendo is 100% aware that the U.S. along with other mixed race countries buy from their company. it’s pretty clear that you’re the confused one here. 

oooo you’ve gotten a lot better with your lines i’m v proud /w\
ahh h you noticed? my lines used to rly awkward bc i was worried about it not being neat enough but now ive realized neat lineart usn’t for me and i think my lines are more fluid and confident than before??

im in love


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i dont wanna go to school tomorrow !!

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Mori a.k.a the forest astronomer 

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[looks at rt shirts and cries a lil]

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